Adding Bookings to Google Calendar

The AnyRoad platform enables you to sync your bookings from AnyRoad to your Google Calendar.

In order to sync your bookings, you will firstly need to contact us either via chat or at and request your "Calendar Feed Link" which is in the form of a URL (ex.

Once you have the "Calendar Feed Link" please follow the steps below.

  • Load your Google Calendar page. 
  • Click on the "+" symbol next to "Other calendars" on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

  • Select the option "From URL" in the popup window.

  • Paste the "Calendar Feed Link" provided to you by AnyRoad in the grey field "URL of calendar" and click on "Add Calendar". Here you also have the option of making the new calendar publicly accessible.

Important note! The calendar syncs back 7 days and 42 days in the future, and updates with every edit, reschedule, etc. However, Google only syncs every  8-24 hours. As such it may take up to 24 hours for bookings to appear after the syncing process is completed as well as edits,reschedules,etc to bookings thereon after.

Once the bookings have been synced to your Google Calendar, you can then go into each individual booking and see the relevant details which also include a link to the booking in your AnyRoad dashboard.

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