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All plugins have a unique identifier that connects your experiences to your account. We have developed 2 plugin types to help you connect your website to AnyRoad. Each plugin serves a different purpose but can be used in conjunction. 

The 2 available plugin types are:

  1. Main Plugin: The main AnyRoad plugin displays all your visible experiences along with their descriptions and scheduling on your website. Your guests enjoy a seamless booking experience while keeping the whole process on one page.
  2. Custom Plugin: the AnyRoad custom experience plugin allows you to group and display specific experiences on different pages within your website.

Responsive Breakpoints

The plugin's breakpoints are calculated based on the width of the iframe container it is integrated into. 

Type Breakpoint
Desktop > 784px.
Tablet > 696px.< 783px.
Mobile < 695px.

You can find an example stylesheet here.

Link with a Specific Experience

If you have installed the Main Plugin on a page (e.g, to open a specific Experience without showing all visible experiences, you can simply copy the direct URL of the experience and link it with your button.

The link to a specific experience would look like this:

You can find your  tour_slug by clicking on an experience on your Main Plugin and copying the URL.

Custom Plugin

A Custom Plugin has exactly the same layout as the Main Plugin, except you control exactly which experiences will be displayed. 
You have the option to include all your experiences, even ones from different accounts, only specific experiences, or the ones that belong to experience types, as these are set up in your Dashboard.
The order in which the experiences appear may change. We can set a specific location filter on the plugin so that when guests enter the page with the plugin, experiences are first sorted by distance and then by upcoming date. The distance can be set in miles or km, according to your preferences.
If the location filter is off, you can choose whether experiences appear based on the next available date or in random order. If you do not want experiences without future dates to appear online, we can set that up for you.
Apart from the location filter, you can also add specific filters at the top so that your guests can search for experiences based on name, the dates they are interested in, the number of guests, or the category of the experience, as shown below:

Custom plugins also support a specific branding color and/or stylesheet. If you want your custom plugin to have specific features, please let the Customer Experience Team know, and they will assist you with this.

To create a Custom Plugin you can send us an email or contact our 24/7 Customer Experience Team with the experiences you would like to be included and we will provide you with the code for your plugin.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Experience team at

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