Available Online Experience Settings

Offering Online Experiences with AnyRoad atHome empowers brands to plan, execute, and measure the impact of virtual experiences and events, by combining a variety of video conferencing options.
These experiences are an impactful way for brands to drive engagement, community, and revenue through a wide variety of events, such as fitness, cooking, and craft classes, factory tours, and influencer programs. 
The development of our atHome product enables our partners to create true virtual experiences. Physical addresses are no longer required for online experiences, allowing you to publish an experience that is only tied to a timezone instead of a physical location.

To get started with AnyRoad atHome, the AnyRoad team will need to enable the option of offering virtual experiences on your account. Once that is done, every time you want to create a new experience, after entering the name of the new experience you will see a toggle where you will be able to select whether that experience is offered online or in your brand home. 

When the location is set as Online, you will see the screen below:

We have introduced some major features to how online meeting links are added to Online Experiences. Both you and your resources (e.g. instructors, tour guides, experience hosts) can add meeting links on each new Online Experience they create, provided they have the corresponding user permissions to access and edit experiences on your brand's AnyRoad account.

Additionally, we have extended our video conferencing support to vendors other than Zoom. Both you and your associated resources are able to add any meeting URL (Zoom or Other) along with any custom instructions you would like to share with guests directly in the AnyRoad Dashboard during experience configuration.

If you would like to offer Online Experiences using vendors other than Zoom, you will be able to enter a URL where the event will be hosted as well as any custom text you need, including rich text formatting options.

This information will appear in guest and resource emails, just like Zoom info did originally. 

Once saved, the meeting details will appear under your Scheduling Preferences.

If you would like to change your Video Conference Service and the relevant URLs and instructions, click on  Edit.

These additions to AnyRoad's suite are also reflected in the guest checkout process, which is now refined with an accurate list of global timezones. Moreover, guest emails now show the timezone selected during checkout by your guests.

Please note that when publishing Online Experiences, the timezone your guests will see while booking their spot is based on their detected IP location (e.g. if your guests are located in Los Angeles, California they will see the start time of your Online Experiences in PST). 

However, guests are able to adjust the default start time of an Online Experience during checkout to easily understand the start time in their local timezone. AnyRoad's Online Experience guest checkout includes over 250 timezones that your guests are able to switch to on the spot.

Once you publish your virtual event, by turning the Visibility toggle to Standard, you will notice it is marked with an Online indication instead of the usual physical location.

This setting is also reflected on the booking page during checkout.

Finally, unlike experiences offered in a physical location, all guest feedback emails for Online Experiences ask How was your experience with [Brand Name] instead of How was your experience at [Brand Name].

Please note that Online Experiences are supported in French, German, Spanish, and Swedish. This includes the guest checkout, guest email communications, and SMS notifications. 

If you would like to add another language apart from English, please make sure you have the following information translated into the preferred language: 

  • Online Experience Title & Subtitle
  • Online Experience Description
  • Add-on Titles & Descriptions (if enabled)
  • Checkout Questions, Options & Subtexts (if enabled)
  • Custom Email Text (if enabled)
  • Custom Cancellation Policy (if enabled)
  • Custom Sold-Out Text (if enabled)
  • Any Custom Categories, Sub-Categories, or Descriptions for Filters (if enabled)

If you are interested in getting started with AnyRoad atHome, you need to contact either the Customer Experience team or your Account Manager. 

Find out here all the more about Online Experiences.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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