COVID-19 Reopening Considerations Checklist

As the world slowly starts to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, AnyRoad has put together some operational suggestions that you can use to ensure a safe and seamless reopening process. 


  • Follow local ordinances and requirements.
  • Make experience check-ins contact-free using Apple Wallet and e-ticket QR scans.
  • Require online or QR-based registration and payments to reduce in-person transactions.
  • Update experience schedule to allow time to disinfect spaces and allow physical distancing.
  • Set up physical spaces (classrooms, visitors centers, tasting rooms) to ensure ample distance between people
  • Reduce experience group size limits
  • Diversify experiences to include Private, By-Request, and Online experiences and adjust prices accordingly
  • Consider alternatives to shared touchpoints (e.g. glassware, tools, or utensils) to minimize contamination
  • Utilize outdoor spaces and contact-less pickups for products and experiences where permitted
  • Update the physical flow of experiences to maximize Guest distancing


  • Update Experience descriptions to include precautions taken during the experience (e.g. mask, hand sanitizer, glassware) and to proactively set Guest expectations
  • Rewrite Guest confirmation emails with reminders about health & safety
  • Update Guest checkout questions to include email opt-ins as well as health & safety questions
  • Add a waiver to Guest checkout, releasing brand liability and ensuring Guest is aware of any new policies
  • Update post-experience questions to gain Feedback about Guest perception and overall safety
  • Revisit add-on options and pricing, consider selling extra masks, take-home glassware, etc.
  • Add Guest self-reschedule option to encourage guests to reschedule if they feel unwell or if travel is disrupted
  • Update cancellation policy to be Guest-friendly; encourage Guests to reschedule if they feel unwell

Marketing and Communications

  • Coordinate with Marketing on communications & newsletters to promote re-opening and the safety measures taken to protect Guests and Team Members
  • Plan campaigns to the email list 
  • Leverage discount codes and promotions to drive Guest traffic in near-term following re-opening
  • A/B Test different types of experiences (e.g. online vs. in-person) to measure Guest satisfaction and other KPIs
  • Offer branded merchandise like masks and hand sanitizer for Guests and Team Members
  • Collect email opt-ins on Guest checkout
  • Leverage guest location data to target local guests for on-site experiences, and distant guests for online sessions

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