Marketing Opt-Ins

As awareness is being raised worldwide on privacy and data regulations, marketing opt-ins are becoming more paramount than ever before. 

Enabling AnyRoad's Marketing Opt-in Question empowers brands to collect their guests' consent for receiving marketing material, such as email promotions, newsletters, new product releases, and invites to special events.

The Marketing Opt-in Question can be included on your checkout pages and allow your guests to give permission to receive follow-up communication. There are currently two options available for Marketing Opt-ins.

1. Radio buttons: Ask a question where guests can choose their answer between a pre-defined set of answers.

2. Checkbox: Asks guests to tick a box to confirm agreement with your policy or terms.

Both question formats above serve the same purpose and are subject to the same modifications, such as marking them as optional for guests to respond and including a note or disclaimer at the bottom, as illustrated in the checkbox example. 

All opt-in marketing data is securely stored in the AnyRoad database. You can receive a report of all opted-in guests upon request or at a recurring interval of your choice, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

This report can also include additional custom information, such as the experience date, booking ID, and experience name, or be narrowed down to specific criteria for more granular results (e.g. all opted-in guests that attended a specific experience in August). 

Opted-in marketing is considered the surest route to growing your guests' engagement with your brand organically, as it is based on an audience segment that is genuinely interested in your brand and products and therefore more likely to lead to better engagement and sales.

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