Configuring E-commerce Events in Google Tag Manager

The first step of configuring E-commerce Events in Google Tag Manager is sharing your GTM snippet with the AnyRoad team to add to your account. 

Once that step is completed, follow the instructions below to set up Google Tag Manager and start receiving e-commerce events, as well as the relevant transactional details, in your brand's Google Analytics Dashboard.

Adding New Triggers for Viewing Details, Checkout, and Purchase Events

  1. Navigate to the “Triggers” tab → click on “New”
  2. Choose “Custom Event” as the trigger type 


  3. Under Event Name, enter one of the events' title and save it

    Note that the event names are all lowercase letters, and the spelling needs to match (i.e. detail, checkout, purchase)

Associating Google Analytics Tags with E-Commerce Events 

  1. Navigate to the “Tags” tab and click on “New”


  2. Choose “Google Analytics" Universal Analytics” as the tag type
  3. To associate the “View_detail” event with Google Analytics follow the steps below: 
    - Set the Track Type to “Event”
    - Category and Action can be customized according to your requirements 
    - The Action Label can be customized accordingly as well
    - We recommend setting the Category to "e-commerce" and the Action to the event name (i.e. view_details, checkout, purchase)
  4. The final step is to scroll down to “More Settings” and look for “Ecommerce”. It's important to make sure it's set to "True" and that the “Use Date Layer” checkbox is ticked. Select the custom event trigger set up previously at the “Triggering” section and Save. 


Repeat the above steps for checkout and purchase events to complete your Google Tag Manager configuration for e-commerce events. Remember to change the Action according to the event you are setting up for.

This is how it should look like once the tags and triggers are set up correctly.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at
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