Verifone Card Reader Features

Admin Menu

  1. In order to access the Admin Menu, please hold 9 and press the green circle button next to the keypad to open the admin menu. 
  2. Enter the admin PIN code (the default pin code is 9119).

Main menu

Menu Option Description
1.Network Allows you to view connection status, scan for networks and perform diagnostics.
2.Software Allows you to download, configure, and install firmware packages directly from the Adyen payments platform.
3.Configuration Allows you to update, view, and erase configurations.
4.Totals Allows resetting of totals.
5.Transactions View a list of performed transactions.
6.Reboot Restarts the Terminal.

Network menu

Menu option Description
1.Connection Status View the name and connection status of the network connection.
2.Ethernet Lists ethernet network settings, such as IP address, gateway, netmask, DNS, and MAC address.
3.Wi-Fi View TCP/IP settings, Wi-Fi settings, reset and reload Wi-Fi connections.
   a.Wifi Switch to turn Wi-Fi on or off.
   b./c. Networks Listed networks.
   d. Scan networks Scan for networks and add networks manually.
   e. Reload Wi-Fi Reload the Wi-Fi profile configured on the backend.
4.Bluetooth View Bluetooth settings.
   a. Bluetooth Switch that allows you to turn Bluetooth on or off.
   b. IP Settings View IP address, MAC address as well as DHCP, gateway, netmask, and DNS settings.
   c. Base station Pair the Terminal with a Bluetooth base station.
   d.Scan/Discovery Scan for Bluetooth devices or set the Terminal as discoverable to Bluetooth devices.
5.Diagnostics Perform connection diagnostics tests.
   a. Start ping Ping a specific host with a specified packet length.

Software menu

Menu Option Description
Update release Downloads the "release.json" file containing the latest release information.  
This will retrieve and install the release we have configured for you on the Adyen payments platform.

Configuration menu

Menu option Description
1.Sync Download an updated merchant configuration
2.View Show the following information:   
a) Firmware version the Terminal is running  
b) Merchant account the Terminal is registered toc) Additional details. 
3.Firmware  View version information, such as Bootstrap version, Application version, External printer settings, OS version, EOS version, Contact kernel version, Cardslot version, VSS version, CTLS modules installed.
4.Remove Erase the configuration from the Terminal. This requires re-activating the Terminal to your merchant account.


View a list of all transactions.

For any other kind of questions or issues, you can also consult the Verifone User Manual.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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