How to Cancel All Bookings

AnyRoad offers two options to help brands manage their cancellations:

  1. Cancel an individual booking for an experience
  2. Cancel all bookings for any time-slot with a single action

The ability to cancel all bookings on a time-slot in bulk can be used: 

  • On any scheduled experience with 2 to 20.000 bookings
  • On free bookings or bookings paid online
  • On any future time-slot, or bookings scheduled up to 7 days in the past
  • By Account Owners, Admins, Staff, and Data Analyst user permissions

Please note that the ability to cancel all bookings is currently only available on the AnyRoad Dashboard (desktop), and cannot be used on Front Desk. 

Cancel All Bookings With a Single Action

To cancel all bookings on a time-slot at once login to your AnyRoad account on desktop, and navigate to the Bookings tab. 
You will need to find the experience you would like to cancel on the calendar and click on it to view the booking and guest details. 

Once you do that, you will notice a Cancel all bookings button, at the right-hand side near the top of the screen. 
This button will be visible on all booking slots that qualify for a mass cancellation and will be disabled when all bookings have been canceled.     


If there is at least one booking paid via credit/debit card on the slot, the following refund options will appear. 
Here you can select whether you would like to offer a Full Refund, Partial Refund, or No Refund. 
However, please note that when using the cancel all bookings feature you cannot adjust the refunded amount per booking. Refunds only apply to credit/debit card bookings, while any cash bookings will have to be refunded individually. 
If all bookings for an experience were free or a 100% discount code was used, then no refund options will appear.

The following Payment Methods are supported for mass cancellations: 
  1. Bookings paid online via credit or debit card
  2. Free experiences, where no payment is required
  3. Bookings paid using a 100% discount code
  4. Unpaid bookings

Not currently supported for mass cancellations: 

  1. Pending bookings that have not been accepted or rejected yet
  2. Bookings paid in cash (since the refund will have to be processed separately)


When bookings for a time-slot are canceled in bulk and different payment methods were used across the various bookings, only the applicable bookings will be mass-canceled. 

Any bookings paid in cash will be noted, but will not be auto-canceled to prevent potential complications in communicating with your guests and difficulties in tracking outstanding refunds for these bookings. 

In this case, the following warning will show up:

Before confirming any mass cancellation you will be able to provide a custom note for your guests, which will appear in their automated cancellation emails sent through AnyRoad. 
As soon as you are ready with your message and have selected your refunding preference, click on the Cancel bookings button to start the mass cancellation process. 
A pop-up window with a progress bar will show up to represent the progress of your cancellations.

This process can last between a few seconds for time-slots with fewer than 100 bookings, to 15 minutes for time-slots with 20,000 bookings. 

As soon as your cancellations are completed, a confirmation message will pop-up including the total number of successfully canceled bookings. 

Please note that if any of your guests did not have an email attached to their booking, you will be notified with the message below. However, their bookings will be canceled normally as long as they meet the supported payment method criteria outlined above. 

After mass-canceling all bookings for a time-slot, all reservations except any cash bookings or pending requests will be marked as canceled. 

However, the following message will pop-up if you attempt to cancel the remaining cash bookings.

This feature is accessible by any Account Owner, Admin, Staff Member (full & limited access), and Data Analyst but is not visible to Cashiers. You can learn more about AnyRoad's Multi-User Accounts here.

We recommend extreme caution when using this feature, as any action and cancellations processed when using it cannot be reversed.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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