How to Report an Issue via Front Desk

AnyRoad's iOS app, Front Desk provides an easy and efficient way to report an issue directly to AnyRoad. Instead of trying to describe the actions taken you can now record what happens step by step.

Below you will find all the information on how to report an issue via Front Desk:

  1. Click on the Navigation Menu button at the top left of the screen

  2. Click on the Help option on the bottom right side of the menu

  3. Choose Report an Issue

  4. Here you can see the page where all the information on the issue will be written. Your email address is automatically populated based on the account you are signed in Front Desk.

    Underneath the email address, you can add a description of the issue in the space shown below:

  5. It is always useful to add screenshots or videos that will show exactly what the issue is to our team.

    To add any, please tap on  Add attachments at the bottom

  6. Tap on Take a Screenshot if you want to send a photo or on Take a screen recording if you would like to include a video in your report. 

  7. If you choose to Take a screen recording, the below screen will appear and you have to Press record when ready.
  8. A red button with a timer will appear on the bottom right side of the screen to let you know that the recording has started.

    Once done, please tap on the red square button to end the recording.  
  9. The recording will then be automatically added as an attachment to your report along with any screenshots you have added.

    Press the green X at the top of each attachment to delete it.

  11. The issue report automatically saves a list of app screens you have visited. This way, the team will know the steps you have taken and they will be able to reproduce the issue.

    With the  Edit List option, you can find the list of app screens and delete any if not necessary.

  12. Press the Green Send Arrow on the top right corner to send the Report to the AnyRoad team

Once your recording is sent, you will be redirected to the Help page where you also have the option to contact our Customer Experience team by clicking on Live Chat.

A window with our most visited articles will appear along with an option to Get in touch with our Customer Experience team. You can reach them via email or chat.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Experience team at

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