Experiential Add-Ons

Experiential Add-Ons empower brands to offer additional products or services that guests can add to their booking. 
Add-Ons are an ideal solution when you want to provide extra options to your guests that are not included in the base experience price. Some examples include branded merchandise, expanded tasting options, additional time on the experience, special insurance or equipment, or even snack options to accompany a tasting.  
To set up an add-on on your experiences you'll only need to provide a name for your add-on and the pricing structure. However, you have some advanced configuration options that you can use according to your preferences. 
These options include: 
  1. Add-On Name - shows up on the checkout process, guest emails and under Extras Offered on the At a Glance section.

  2. Add-On Description - an optional setting that provides additional details on the item, and it's visible under the add-on name. Descriptions support up to 70 preview characters and show a More... option where guests can click to read the remaining text. 

  3. Add-On Photo - an optional setting that allows you to show a sneak peek of your extras to your guests. The photo thumbnail will be visible on the checkout page but not on guest emails. 

  4. Add-On Price - when it comes to pricing add-ons, you have two options. First, you can select whether the price applies per item or per person (e.g. the Branded Bottle Opener costs $10 for each opener, while the Charcuterie Board costs $8 per person). 

    And second, you can select whether an add-on price varies depending on the chosen amount or if it's fixed per experience, regardless of the amount (e.g. the Charcuterie Board costs $20 to purchase, whether 2 or 5 people share it). 
  5. Add-On Quantity - when specified, there will be a limit to how many of each add-on can be added per timeslot. The add-on quantity can be set separately per add-on, however, it will only apply to each slot individually. This means that if the Branded Bottle Opener add-on on the above example had a limit of 10, only 10 Branded Bottle Openers could be added in total from all the guests booking for the same timeslot. Therefore, if a guest adds 10 of them, there would be 0 remaining for the guests wanting to book the same timeslot. 

    If you have not specified the maximum add-on quantity in advance, the checkout process will not limit guest add-on selections by default. Additionally, please note that the physical item inventory is not automatically updated when a booking is made. 

    Lastly, another option in managing the add-on quantities is to limit the number of add-ons that can be purchased on a booking based on the number of guests in that booking.

    By default, guests can select how many of each item they'd like to purchase. However, some add-ons might only make sense if purchased by the entire group, in which case the guests wouldn't be able to change the quantity, and the price would be dynamically calculated based on the number of guests on that booking (e.g. the 3 Additional Flavored Tasting Samples can only be purchased if everyone on the group opts-in for it). 

    Notice how on the Branded Bottle Opener, the drop-down to select quantity is active and only shows the number 1, where the add-on for the Charcuterie Board is view only and shows 5 guests

    This is because the first add-on is a free selection item, where guests can purchase the desired number of bottle openers (numerical drop-down), while the second add-on dynamically applies to all guests on the booking (responsive to custom ticket types).

Important note: Currently, the add-on quantity, if not matching the number of guests in a booking, can be set only per timeslot and not per booking. Therefore, if we set a maximum add-on quantity, this will apply to all the bookings of the same timeslot and not to each specific booking. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.


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