Resource Portal

The Resource Portal is a page that has been created specifically for your resources so that they securely access their experiences' schedule, edit their profile and see the active bookings for their experiences.

From inside their portal, a resource can be as independent as you choose them to be and:


When you invite a resource to your portal from within your Dashboard, the resource receives the below invite with the Subject:  You've been invited to the Sample Business AnyRoad Portal:

When clicking on the Complete Registration button, the resource needs to create a password for their account, and their registration is complete.

Below you can check what they see when they first log into their account:

Editing Profile

The resources can click on My Profile in the top right corner to edit their profile.

They can edit all the details related to their profile without you having to do it from your side as well. The only information the resources cannot change from their end, and you can only edit from your side, is their name and email address.

Scheduled bookings and canceling slots

Resources can see a list of all their scheduled slots by clicking on Scheduled Experiences. They can also toggle between Past and Upcoming slots and see the number of guests each slot has.

When clicking on a slot with scheduled bookings, resources have some visibility over the basic details of those bookings, including the guests' full names, the add-ons they have purchased, and their answers to the checkout questions.

Resources can also cancel the slot on this page, thus canceling and refunding all the guests who have bookings. They can click on  Cancel Experience and a pop-up will show up asking them to add a cancellation note for the guests.

Note: By default, the resources do not have the option to cancel slots from within their portal. If you would like this option to be activated, you can contact your Account Manager or the Customer Experience Team at and the team will assist you.

Creating and Editing Experiences

The portal gives resources the ability to see the details of their own experiences and make any necessary edits without you having to do anything from your Dashboard. They can navigate to the tab  My Experiences from the top and see a list of all their experiences, and they can then click on Edit under the experience they would like to change.

In this tab, they can also create experiences when clicking on  + Create New. The details they can edit for the existing experiences and add for any new ones are the description, the length, pricing and capacity, and the photos.

Important Note: Creating new experiences is not activated by default for the portal. If you would like this to be on for resources, you can contact your Account Manager or the Customer Experience Team at and the team will set this up for you.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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