Checkout Questions for the Win

Today we live in a world where a plethora of information is readily available at our fingertips. Never before were people's habits, preferences, and behavior so effortlessly quantifiable. But with that effortlessness comes an unbelievable array and quantity of information — and that's where it gets tricky! 

How does one choose where to even begin? How does one decide what information is valuable and insightful, and what's just noise that confuses and makes us lose sight of what matters most? 

Luckily, getting started is much simpler than you might think. 

Asking guests a personalized set of questions is easy with AnyRoad, and it begins with a simple question for you and your team: 

What do we need to know to anticipate, prepare, and proactively manage guests' expectations before they arrive at our brand home? 

You can gain invaluable information as your guests are booking their experience by setting up custom checkout questions that appear on your checkout pages. Just ask your guests exactly what you want to learn, whether that's their opinion on their favorite product you offer, how often they purchase or use it, or what they are most interested in learning when they come to visit your brand home. 

We offer a selection of 7 types of check out questions, each one helping you gather a specific type of data:

  1. Text Input: Ask a wide variety of questions to your guests. Answers may include any combination of characters allowing for short or longer responses.
  2. Date: Collect date-type answers, such as the guest's birth date. This type of question also allows you to set a minimum age required for each booking.
  3. Drop-Down: Ask a closed-ended question where guests can choose one answer from a list of acceptable choices in a drop-down format.
  4. Radio Buttons: Ask a question where guests can choose their answer between a pre-defined set of listed responses.
  5. Multi-Select: Ask a closed-ended question where guests can select more than one answer.
  6. Net Promoter Score: Helps you measure how your guests' perception of your brand changed from before to after their experiences. 
  7. Checkbox: Ask guests to tick a box to consent with your brand policy or terms.

Click on the following link to find more technical details about Additional Checkout Questions.

We recommend that you ask a maximum of 4 questions per experience to ensure a smooth booking flow for your guests. This does not include the privacy policy or terms and conditions checkboxes. Additionally, keep in mind that you can ask different questions on each experience, depending on what information will fundamentally help you offer a stellar experience. 

A great place to start brainstorming the types of questions you'll want to ask your guest is with your internal goals. Depending on what internal goals you have set, you'll want to learn different things. 

When setting internal goals for your experiential program, we recommend focusing on what we call the 4 Pillars of Experiential Success

  1. The People: your staff, your guests, and how they interact
  2. The Process: the experience itself and all associated logistics such as booking and follow-ups
  3. The Place: your brand home, facilities, and overall atmosphere
  4. The Product: your product and how guests interact with it

What we've seen is that these four key ingredients actually constitute over 75% of a typical brand's positive NPS impact and, therefore, heavily affect your guests' perceptions of your brand. 

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