Refresher Dashboard & Front Desk Training

Has it been a minute since you've been in the AnyRoad Dashboard or used the AnyRoad Front Desk? 

Watch the videos below as we review the Dashboard and Front Desk app, share tips, tricks, and tactics to make sure you are set up for a successful reopening.

During the refresher Dashboard training video below, we will be covering:

  1. How to reset your experience program goals
  2. Tips to best set guest expectations
  3. Features that help you plan for the unexpected
  4. Reminders for prepping the front of the house


During the refresher Front Desk training video we will be covering:

  1. Things to remember for welcoming guest on-site
  2. Review Front Desk settings
  3. Connecting hardware
  4. Cash Drawer review
  5. Testing the guest flow


If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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