Experience Types and Categories

Creating an experience from your dashboard gives you an abundance of selections and customizations to set it up the way you want. One of the new AnyRoad features is experience types and experience categories. Find out more information about:

  • What experience types and experience categories are
  • How to assign a type to an experience
  • How to add categories to your experiences (coming soon)

Experience Types

An experience type is a specific word that you assign to describe the kind of experience you are setting up. You can only assign one type to each experience and it is mandatory to continue the experience setup. Although currently, only the Customer Experience team or your Account Manager can configure the types to choose from in the backend, this will soon change and you will be able to follow the process below:

When you create a new experience by clicking on the +Create New in the top right corner, the first thing you will need to do is choose a type for your experience:

Select which one matches the experience that you are setting up. You can only select one max experience type per experience and it is mandatory to choose one to continue to the next step.

If you want to change the type of an existing experience, you can click on Edit under that experience and you will be able to change the type in the About tab.

Remember that you will always need to have an experience type selected for your experiences once this feature is enabled.

The experience type can be the source for a plugin. This means that you can set up a new plugin with an experience type as a source so that any new experience that has this type (or multiple types) assigned to it will automatically be added to the plugin once published without having to reach out to support. This feature is also to be announced soon.

Experience Categories

Experience categories, on the other hand, are different. A list of different categories appears after having selected an experience type. An experience can fall under many types of categories and there are no restrictions as to how many you can choose. You also have the option not to select any category and continue setting up your experience. The fact that experience categories allow you to have different types of experiences that fall under the same category provides easier searches for your guests on your website as well as helps you organize your website easier and more efficiently. Categories are also shown as a filter on the bookings calendar in your dashboard .

Categories can also be shown as a filter on plugins if you are using a custom plugin.

Once you add categories to the experience and click on Save, these will show up as individual grey bubbles on the dashboard page. You can see the Edit option on the right of the experience category heading where you can easily add or remove any category at any time. You also have the option to remove all experience categories and have none connected to your experience whereas you will always be required to have one experience type. 

Experience categories are also set up by the Customer Experience team on the backend. Shortly, however, you will be able to select the experience categories yourself as well. Any updates made on experience types and categories, either done by the AnyRoad staff or by yourself, will be immediately reflected in your settings as long as the 'confirm' box is clicked on after any changes have been made. 

Important note: Experience categories can be used without experience types enabled on the account as they are independent features. You can have one, neither, or both.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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